Affordable Prosthetics for Everyone

Affordable prosthesis for everyone

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The Simple Limb Initiative is an ongoing research project focused on helping amputees around the world gain access to affordable prostheses for lower limbs.

Most prostheses are expensive and for people who live in rural communities or are survivors of war, this is unaffordable. They end up making their own prostheses which can cause long term alignment problems in their body. They also can be marginalized by their family and society and drop out of school, their job, or contributing to the family. This results in long term health and well-being problems.


The Simple Limb Initiative was developed to provide an open source platform for participating in the ongoing research and development of low cost prostheses prototypes.

Prosthetists, doctors, craftspeople, and amputees around the world are encouraged to access, learn, download, build, and test any of the prototypes shown here on this site. Any feedback based on these experiences and developments will be rolled back into the ongoing R&D so that others may benefit.




SLI Stance Prosthetic on exhibit at Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum

Stance, designed for the Simple Limb Initiative by Anthony Ta, Brendan Ngo, and Darren Manuel, is currently on display in the Access+Ability exhibit at the Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum in New York City. The exhibit runs through September 2018 and then travels to different museums around the world for another 12 months.

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Design for One NY

SLI Work Featured in New York Times

Stance and the Access+Ability exhibit at Cooper Hewitt Museum have been mentioned in two recent articles in the New York Times. How Design for One Turns into Design for All and Design for Access

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IDSA Design Award for Rodilla Knee

Rodilla wins a Silver award in IDSA’s 2017 IDEA Award! Neil Rotroff, Kevin Somarriba, and Kai Yang designed Rodilla, a 3D-printed metal knee prosthesis to be used with current pylon and socket connection methods.

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